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Descripción general

Making it easy for visitors to share your site is super important for boosting organic traffic and conversion rates. The improved Share widget makes this easier than ever, with a smoother flow, more attractive interface and an additional share capability.

The Share widget enables site visitors to share the site via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and email.


1. Drag and drop the Share widget anywhere on your page. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets

2. Using the content editor, set the title of the widget. You can also leave the title blank.

3. Using the design editor, select the layout and customize the icon colors, sizes and background. Choose hover effects for desktop and customize the title font and style.



This widget enables visitors to share your site through their own social accounts. It is not connected to the social accounts associated with the site. For information on connecting a site to the site owner’s social accounts, see Add Social Icons.


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