Using Google Sheets as a Collection

Note: This feature is available for customers with an Agency Plan or higher.

Google Sheets can be used as a collection for generating Dynamic Pages. For more information on collections, see Define a Collection for Dynamic Pages.

Follow the steps below to create a collection for Dynamic Pages using Google Sheets:

  1. Navigate to Content > Business Content > Collections and click New Collection.


  2. Select Google Sheets.
  3. Click Sign in With Google.
  4. Sign in to the Google Account that contains the collection.
  5. Select the Google Sheet you want to use as your collection.
  6. Click Connect Spreadsheet.
  7. Define the correct data type for each field (see Supported Data Types below).
  8. Click Done.

Note: Inner collections are currently not supported with Google Sheets.

Supported Data Types

Field Type

Example Content


Welcome to my dentist office








streetAddress, postalCode, region, city, country

577 College Ave, 94306, CA, Palo Alto, US

Business Hours

SAT, SUN: 08:00-20:00; THU, FRI: 08:00-12:00;

The next step is to create or convert a Dynamic Page so you can connect it to your newly created Collection.

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