How To Change Connected Content In a Blog

This article is for new blogs created after 3/17/19.  Find help with the old blog version here.

For convenience, the blog title, author and image are connected to post settings by default. This means that when you create a post, these elements will be pre-populated.  

Making changes is simple – you can change the content for each post or modify the connections to display exactly what works for your business.  

 How To Change Post Content

  1. Click Blog from the left menu panel
  2. Open the post you want to modify by clicking on the image, title or editing tool
  3. Click the widget you want to change
  4. Click Done


  1. Click Blog from the left menu panel
  2. Click the gear icon on the post you want to modify
  3. Scroll to post details
  4. Change the title, author or image
  5. Click back to continue to work on the blog
  6. Click publish or republish to make the changes live


Considerations for Post Content

  • A title is required for all posts
  • You can choose not to show an author in the dropdown menu
  • If no image is added, the post image will default to transparent background


How To Change Post Connections

  1. Click Blog from the left menu panel
  2. Click Edit Layout
  3. Click anywhere in the connected element – connected elements have a blue icon
  4. Select a new connection from the dropdown
  5. Select none to disconnect

Considerations for Post Connections

  • If content is disconnected in Layout Mode by selecting none, it will affect all posts.  For example if none is selected for title, all posts will have the generic title “Post Title”
  • Any Text widget can be added to the layout and connected to title or author
  • Connections are changed in Layout Mode and will affect all posts. 

Learn more about Connected Data


  • For changes in Post Mode to be visible online, you must republish the post.
  • For changes in Layout Mode to be visible online, you must republish the site.







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