Site Comments and Legacy Pro Plans

Legacy Pro Users

If you are on a Legacy Pro plan and you wish to use site comments with clients, you will need to switch your plan.  Though support will do this for you, there are a few things to know.

When you contact support they will ask for:

  1. Your account id
  2. The account plan you have selected that is right for you, based on how many clients that will need access on a monthly basis.   All plans include the team comments functionality.

Agency Plan:Agency Plan: Agency plans allow for 5 new client users per month.  Sites cannot be switched out within the month; each site will count as 1 (one).  An additional 5 client users can be added every month: the first month 1-5, second month 6-10, third month 11-15 for a total of 60 client users annually.

Custom Plan: If you know you will be working with more than 5 clients per month, we have options that meet your needs.  Contact your account manager to discuss, or contact support to put you in touch with our accounts team.

See account plans

Support will then initiate the switch from your old plan to your new one.  

  1. Unpublish any free sites.
  2. Cancel the current plan and create a new annual plan - according to the selected account plan.
  3. Confirm credit card details to ensure all plans are covered on one credit card.
  4. Cancel all legacy subscriptions.

Account Subscriptions: 

  1. The current subscription will be cancelled and a refund will be issued for the time not used.
  2. A new account subscription will be created starting from the day the plan is changed.

Site subscriptions:

  • Monthly subscriptions will be created and charged on the same day.  This will be the monthly date of recurring plan charges.
  • Yearly subscriptions will be charged when the year is complete at the annual price of the new plan.
  • Yearly subscriptions that were created 30 days before changing plans will be refunded fully and are billed again at the new plan rate.

The support team member will be able to provide a breakdown of charges for the amount of the first payment and the amount of the total refund.


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