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Site Comments is a collaboration tool that enables you and your team to communicate directly on top of your site. Your entire review process will be faster, clearer and more accurate, so you can give your clients better service, go live faster, and have more time to scale your business.

Site Comments eliminates the need for alternative methods of communication (such as email, messages, phone calls, etc.) and creates a single channel for receiving feedback and responding to it.

Ways to use Site Comments

  • Internal communication between team members
  • Collecting feedback from clients as they review the site
  • Making notes while building the site
  • During the QA process

The comments bar controls the Site Comments functions. The comments bar is located on the right of the screen and includes the following actions/tabs:

The bar can be minimized by clicking on the X icon and can be reopened by clicking on the comments icon on the top bar.

How To Add Site Comments


  1. To add a comment, click the plus icon on the right panel - comments can be added to any element on the site.
  2. Click on an element to add a comment. Hovering the element will help position the comment accurately.
  3. Enter your comment in the input field. You can also add an image as a comment by clicking on the image icon in the bottom right corner of the comment field. When you’re done, click Submit.

How To Reply To Site Comments


  1. Open the comment you want to reply to. You can reply to comments via the comment itself or in the comments log.
  2. Click the comment text field, or click Reply in the comments log, and enter your reply. Again, you can also add an image as a comment by clicking on the image icon in the bottom right corner of the comment field.
  3. When you’re done, click Submit.

How To Edit/Delete Site Comments

  1. Comments can be edited/deleted by the person who creates them or by a team member.
  2. Open the comment you want to edit/delete.
  3. Hover the comment to reveal the more icon and then click on the icon.
  4. Click Edit or Delete.
  5. Deleted comments cannot be restored and are not displayed in the comments log. There is no undo for edited comments.

Recommendation: If you’ve used Site Comments to communicate between team members, make sure you delete these comments before adding clients to a site as clients can view all comments.

How To Resolve Site Comments

  1. To resolve a comment and leave a record of it in the comments log, click the Resolve in the upper-right corner of the comment.
  2. Resolved comments can be reopened.
  3. To view resolved comments, use the filter in the comments log.

Why should I invite clients to add comments to their site?

  • Site comments are a great service! They provide your client with an easy and specific way to provide feedback.
  • You know exactly what clients are requesting since comments are tied to the actual elements of the site.
  • Clients receive automatic notifications when comments are resolved.
  • You choose when granting access fits into your approval process workflow; turning access on and off is simple within the editing tool.
  • Your team can see who has resolved specific comments, increasing their efficiency.
  • You automatically have a record of what your client requested and how the request was resolved.

When should I invite clients to add comments to their site?

We suggest the following workflow when using Site Comments with clients. You can use it anytime as an internal tool.

  1. Design a site for a client.
  2. Choose the team members that should be notified when clients provide feedback and add them to notifications.
  3. When you are ready to share the site, add the Site Comments permission for your client.
  4. When you don’t want your client to continue to be able to add comments anymore, you can remove the permission.

How do I invite clients to add comments to their site?

Site Comments for use with clients is included with the Agency plan & up. If you are on a Basic or Team plan, you must upgrade your account to Agency to use Site Comments with clients.

Site Comments for use internally is available automatically for any team member with editing permission.

  1. To open the Notification Setting, click the share icon on the right panel.
  2. Choose Add Client Permissions:
  3. If clients already have permissions to the site but do not have access to Site Comments, select their name in the dropdown menu.
  4. Clients only receive a welcome email the first time they are added to a site, so you may want to notify them when site comments access is added.
  5. Add clients who don’t already have any permissions to the site by via Users & Permissions. Read more about Users & Permissions here.
  6. If you already have a client with permission to comment on the site you will see it.
  • Once a client has been added to the site, they can review and add comments on top of it. They will also start to receive email notifications when someone adds, replies or resolves comments on their sites.
  • To remove clients from a site, click “Remove” next to their name. They will no longer have the Site Comments permission; other permissions will stay as is.

Is Site Comments available for me?

  • Site Comments for internal teams is included if you are on a Team, Agency, Legacy Pro, or
  • Custom plan.
  • If you are on the Basic plan, you need to upgrade to get Site Comments.
    Adding clients is limited by plan. Go here to read more.

Adding clients - availability by plan


*Any team or client communication that was made during the beta phase (prior to February 3, 2019) is saved in your account in perpetuity.

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