What plan do I need?


Duda has a total of three products in the platform. These are the Responsive Website Builder, Mobile Website Builder and the Pro Plan.

There are also two e-commerce plans for the responsive website builder.

Choosing a product

Duda has two site builders. 

 Responsive website builder

The responsive website builder is Duda's main product. It's a fully responsive site builder for building sites that look great on all three devices.

It's recommended to use this over the mobile only builder even if you already have a desktop site. The reason for this is because our mobile only builder is considered our legacy product and will no longer be seeing any updates.

You can try it out here for free:

You can also see this article below for a full walk-through:

Mobile website builder

The Mobile Website Builder is Duda's first product. It's a mobile-only builder for building mobile sites and can be used to convert a desktop site into a mobile-only site. It is also our legacy builder and is no longer being updated by the Duda team (though we are still maintaining and fixing bugs for it).

This product is best for desktop sites that want a quick solution to being mobile friendly, however there aren't as many features and may not always convert the site perfectly.

You can visit this article for a full walk-through of the mobile-only builder:

Pro plan

The Pro plan is an account level subscription that's separate from the website subscription. It's meant for agencies and freelancers who need to white label the platform or for those who build websites at scale.

Pricing breakdown

To get a breakdown of the cost for any product or service in Duda, see this article below:

E-commerce feature breakdown

Each e-commerce site has a different set of features, although the biggest difference is the product limit.

E-commerce is only available for the responsive website builder. You can click this article below to learn more about the features per plan:


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