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Overlapping content is being able to put content or elements directly on top of one another. There isn't a way to do this directly by drag and dropping, but you can read some of the methods for achieving this effect in Duda's editor.

Overlapping content by using background images

The most reliable method of overlapping content in Duda is to take advantage of background feature to lay an image behind text or other images. To do this;

  1. Create a new element
  2. Set a background for that element
  3. Done! You've now overlayed content over an image.

See this article for uploading background images;

Overlapping text and images by using the image slider

The image slider by default lets you place text over images. Read more about this feature here.

Overlapping content by using margins

You can also overlap content by using a trick called "negative margins". Simply set a negative margin for the element you want to overlap and it'll move that element over another element. For more information about margins, see here.

Overlapping content by using CSS

You can also overlap content by using CSS. For more information on adding CSS, see this article here.


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