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Use the paragraph widget to add text to your Website. Use this text to introduce visitors to your Website, give them information, or provide instructions.


Add a paragraph widget onto your Website Builder. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.

Click the area marked as a new paragraph and start typing.  addaparagraph1_en-US.png

To customize the text in the paragraph (font style, size, direction and more) use the inline editor. addaparagraph2_en-US.png


Open the Design Editor by right-clicking the paragraph widget and selecting 'Edit Design' to change the style and spacing. Change the background and border styles in the style section. Customize the padding and margins (spacing around the widget) in the spacing section.


  • To learn more about editing widgets, see Editing Widgets.
  • To learn more about editing widget design and style, see Widget Design.
  • To learn more about the fonts that we offer, see Fonts.
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