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Text makes up a very important part of your site. This is how you will communicate with your users and relay information about what your site is about.



In Duda, you have several options for adding text. You can add basic paragraph widgets to your site, which is good for having basic content.


You can also add large or small titles. These will be outputted as H1-H6 tags and is good for SEO.paragraphandtitle3_en-US.png

By using these 3 different widgets, you can easily control the look of your site through configuring global styles.

Titles vs paragraphs

The most common question is which widgets should you use for your site? The answer depends on exactly what text you're creating.


Are you creating a headline or slogan that needs to stand out? Then, use a title widget. Title widgets can be assigned special styles in the global styles section, so you can use them to really draw attention to certain parts of your website.


You can have 6 assigned styles for titles. Keeping track of these will help you create your site faster by allowing you to make changes globally with the click of a button.


Are you creating a block of block of text or information? Use a paragraph widget. The paragraph widget has normal spacing and is suited to the normal text.

Titles, on the other hand, have larger spacing. Use titles to draw attention to a part of your site. Titles also come with 6 different settings. This is useful for quick editing for your site.

For example, you can use only H2's for all "subtitle" elements on your site. If you update the design setting for 

Large and small titles

The large and small title widget is essentially the same widget, but with different "default" settings.


Dropping a large title will insert text with H1 styles applied by default.


Dropping a small title widget will insert text with H3 styles applied by default.

Paragraph widget


For most content, you will be using the paragraph widget on your site. It provides you the ability to pick the standard different type of text features; bold, font, font size, aligning, bullet points etc

Text options

Each text widget (paragraph or title) comes with two adjustable options. One set can be adjusted inline while the other one opens a popup menu with additional options.

Inline options


The inline options for text are;

  1. Move - Move the bar for easier editing (Changes UI only)
  2. Bold - Apply a bold style
  3. Underline - Apply an underline style
  4. Italics - Apply an italicized style
  5. Font color - Change the font color
  6. Font size - Change the font size
  7. Font family - Change the font family
  8. H styling - Title widget only, switch from H1 - H6
  9. Font weight - Similar to "bold", change the font weight or thickness
  10. Alignment - Change the text alignment (left, right, center)
  11. Line spacing - Change the line spacing or space between each line
  12. Link - Add or change a link
  13. Bullet list - Create a bullet list
  14. Numbered list - Create a numbered list
  15. Direction - Change left to right or right to left
  16. Remove formatting - Reset text to default layout (defined by global design styles)
  17. Undo - Undo edit
  18. Redo - Redo edit
  19. Done - Save changes

Popup options


  1. Color - Open the color settings
  2. (Color tab) Background color - Change the background color
  3. (Color tab) Border style - Change the border style
  4. Spacing - Change the spacing for the element


  1. Image - Open the image settings
  2. (Image tab) Background image - Set a background image
  3. (Image tab) Border style - Change the border style


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