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In most templates, the header is a row by default. However, in certain older templates, the header is fixed with limited customization options. Templates with fixed headers typically include certain widgets, such as social media links or a phone number in the header by default. However, these widgets are fixed and cannot be moved like widgets in normal rows. By turning the header into a row, you can add or edit widgets just like any other row on your Site.


Locate the Website header.


Click to pull up the Images & Content Editor.


Click the 'Convert header to a row' button to change the header into a row.



In most new templates, the header is a row by default, so you're only likely to run into this issue when using older templates that still have fixed headers.

Turning a header into a row is a necessary step in order to trigger the shrinking header feature. To learn more about the shrinking header, see our support article here.

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