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Show your visitors where they can visit a business location near them! The Multi Location feature displays a list or map of all of your business locations. Visitors can see these locations, find the nearest location to them, and click to call the specific business location they want to visit.

Please be advised that this widget does not give directions from one location to another. 


Add Multi Location

Add the multi location widget onto your Website Builder. To learn more about adding widgets to your website, see Adding Widgets.

Set up locations

To find your location online, enter the address of your business's locations.multilocation1_en-US.png

Manage locations

  • To remove locations from your Multi Location widget, use the delete button when hovering over a location.multilocation2_en-US.png
  • To add a location, click the Add Another Location button. multilocation3_en-US.png
  • Edit individual locations by clicking the location and changing the address in the address bar.
  • You can also display or hide the nearest location button and the multi location title by clicking the eye icons. 
  • Add a click to call button by checking the Show click to call button box and provide additional information about that location in the Additional Information box.multilocation4_en-US.png
  • Create a link to display on that location's entry to guide your visitors to a specific page.multilocation5_en-US.png

Change Design

Change your Multi Location widget's look using the following display options in the Design Editor:


Item Title: Change the title text, color, and visibility.

Additional Information: Change the text style in the information box.

Click to Call Button: Change the button label text, style and visibility.


Background and Border: Change the background colorimage, and border.

Nearest Location Button: Change the button text, style and visibility.

Multi Location Title: Change the widget's title style.


Set the padding and margin of the widget.


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