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View and edit the URL associated with your site. All sites are published with a default URL, but you can connect your own custom domain from this menu. If you're not ready to publish the site and just want to show it to a client, you can access the preview link from this panel as well.

Changing your Site URL/Domain

If your site is already published, you can change the URL or domain associated with the site in the editor. If you haven't published your site, see the article here for directions on going live.

To get started, go to your Site Settings on the left bar in the editor and select "Site URL" from the menu that opens up.


Once on this screen, select "Change site URL" to open up the next step.

Note: if the site is not published, you won't be able to see the setting.


After clicking the "Change site URL" button, you will be taken to a screen for selecting your new domain. Please see this article for a detailed description of each of these options as well as directions for setting up your DNS on your domain host. 

Other Features In Site URL Settings

Preview Link

From this panel, you can access the public preview link at any time. This link is active, even if the site has not been published yet.

Unpublishing Your Site

You can unpublish a published site by selecting this option. See this article for more information.

Alternate Domain

Once a site is published and set up with a custom domain, you may set alternate domains which allows your site to be displayed at multiple domains. See this article for more information.


Some settings will only appear if the site is currently in a particular state:

  • Changing your Site URL/Domain will only show up if your site is published. See this article for publishing your site.
  • Unpublishing will only show up if your site is currently published.
  • Alternate Domain will only show up if your site is published and you have selected to use your own domain and that domain's DNS is properly configured.
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