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You can save copies of your site called "backups". Backups allow you to restore to them at any point in time. While Duda automatically backs up your site each time you publish and whenever you access developer mode, it's still important to have the habit of manually backing up your site.

In general, it's a good idea to create a backup:

- After you're satisfied with the look of your site.

- After you've finished a hard-to-do task (such as importing several pictures, coding, etc).

- Before adding any custom code or doing any big changes to the site.

There is a cap to how many backups you can have saved at a time. There is a limit of 20 automated backups that can be stored and 10 manual backups. Manual backups have priority over automated backups. After that cap is reached, older backups will be "bumped out" to make space, starting with automated backups first.

Create backup

1. In the responsive builder, click Site Settings then Backup site

2. Enter a name for your backup.

3. Press Save.

Restore from backup

1. In the responsive builder, click Site Settings then Site Backup.

2. Click the Restore link next to the backup you would like to use.

Delete backup

1. In the responsive builder, click Site Settings then Site backup.

2. Click the Delete link next to the backup you'd like to remove.

Troubleshooting, faq, and tips

I don't have any backups

While our system automatically creates backups each time a site is published, sometimes it doesn't. It's recommended to make manual backups of your site periodically instead of relying on the automated backup system in place.

What gets backed up?

Images, files, content - Everything on the site is backed up beside blog and eCommerce data.

How do I backup a blog?

Blogs have their own backup system located in the Blog settings.

I reset my site, can I restore to a backup?

Unfortunately, resetting a site will reset everything on the site - including backups. If you reset your site, you will not be able to backup to before it was reset.

Instead, duplicate the site before resetting to avoid having this issue.

I don't want an automated backup to get deleted.

Automated backups get bumped out of the backup list often because of how it's structured. If you wish to keep an automated backup, simply restore to an automated backup, and then create a manual backup from that.


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