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You can extend the functionality of Duda by adding custom code to your site. This allows you complete flexibility in creating any site you want, but it isn't something that should be done on any production website without at least doing some more research on coding.

If you've added custom code to your site that's impacting its performance and/or preventing you from editing it, see below for various troubleshooting options.

Restore to a backup

If you created a backup of your site, then this is the best method of restoring your site to a point before the custom code was added.

Even if you haven't created a backup, the editor creates one for you when you publish or enter developer mode. See this article for more information.

Try loading the non-secured version of the editor

Try logging into http://my.duda.co?nossl which will allow you to load scripts that were not embedded via the secure connection.

Access your page HTML to edit the code directly

See this article for more information.

How do I get my custom code to work?

Custom code is very unpredictable. There are many, many factors on why your custom code may not be working, so it isn't possible to say exactly which part of your custom code isn't working with our site builder.

If you need help getting the custom code working on your site, it might be worth hiring a programmer to help you get your code working on your site.

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