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Logging into your account is very easy. Simply head over to duda.co then hit the login link at the top right to log into your dashboard.

Creating an account

Creating an account is easy! Just hit the sign-up button to start creating your own Duda account so you can start creating sites. It's free to create accounts and try the website builder, so just head over to our sign up page to get started.

I'm having trouble logging in

If you forgot your password, you can use our forgot password feature to get access back to your account. You must enter a valid, Duda email that was created in our system before.

The password forgot feature is telling me my account is invalid

Try to think of the emails that you might have set up. Without knowing the account email address, it won't be possible to get access back to your account.

If you had an account on another platform, please see our support article on logging in and accessing your editor.


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