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We have a variety of plans and features on our Duda platform. It's very easy to forget what exactly you're getting billed for, so you can read about the different charges you might receive for renewing your site.

DudaMobile renewing subscriptions

The charges in the following amounts are for a DudaMobile subscription:

$6.00 Monthly Reseller Pricing
$9.99     Monthly Standard Pricing
$60 Yearly Reseller Pricing
$72 Yearly Standard Pricing

DudaOne renewing subscriptions

The charges in the following amounts are for a Duda site subscription:

13 Monthly Reseller Pricing
19 Monthly Standard Pricing
117 Yearly Reseller Pricing
171     Yearly Standard Pricing

There are additional plans depending on whether or not your site has more than 10 products in your eCommerce store. See here for a full list of plans.

DudaPro subscription

The charges in the following amounts are for the reseller renewal fee.

  • $199 (grandfathered)
  • $249

The renewal fee also gives you a discount on hosting fees for your sites in your platform. You can read more about our reseller plans here.


If you are seeing a different Duda charge on your statement, you can check our plans page for a full list of services and cost. You can also contact billing support using the number provided at the bottom of your receipt (sent to you via email).


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