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Domain is already taken error

If you're seeing this error when setting up a domain name, it means that the domain is already being used by another site in our platform.

Other solutions:

  • Search your dashboard for a site that's using the domain name. You can enter the URL in the search field to search for any site using the domain.
  • If you remember that an old site was using the domain, simply locate it, then unset the domain then republish to fix the issue.
  • Contact the owner if you know who else owns the domain or who might have set it up
  • Submit a bug report

I'm seeing a "site not found" error

This error means that your CNAME is set up perfectly. The only problem is that you need configure your domain in the site settings section of your Duda editor.

Not enough time has passed for CNAME record to propagate

If you set up a CNAME record, please wait 24-48 hours for the CNAME to propagate. If it doesn't work, confirm that the CNAME record was set up correctly or contact your domain host to find out why it might not be propagating.

CNAME record is suddenly down

If your CNAME record is suddenly down after some time of being online, it's possible that either;

  • There was some DNS changes on the domain's side
  • There was a billing issue which caused the DNS settings to reset
  • The DNS settings were reset

For this, please set up your CNAME record again to fix this issue. If that doesn't work, please contact your domain host to see why your CNAME record isn't propagating correctly.

CNAME record is incorrect / not set up

If shows your CNAME is displaying anything other than what you set up, it is not set up correctly. 

Please follow the tutorial for setting up your CNAME record in our support portal, then wait 24-48 hours for it to propagate.

If you are having any difficulties with this, please contact your hosting provider so they can help with adding a CNAME record for you. You can also check out our support article for more information on how to set this up.

I need an IP address or @ record

You need a CNAME recored set up in order to use your domain with Duda. Without that, your domain cannot be used with Duda.

If the issue is that you can set up a CNAME record but cannot properly set up domain forwarding, you can try using an alternative method by setting up a Static IP redirect.

It loads on one device, but not the others

This happens mostly because of two reasons;

  • The CNAME record was set up fairly recently and needs some time to propagate
  • There is some sort of issue with propagation
  • There is an error on the CNAME settings for this site

This mostly resolves with time. If it doesn't, please double check your CNAME record to see what this issue might be.

Not working without WWW

While the CNAME for your site seems to be set up correctly, when your site is not working without the WWW it means that the 301 redirect was not set up yet. Navigating to will work, but navigating simply to (without the www) will not work.

In order to redirect users from to, you must set up a 301 redirect (domain forwarding).

As every DNS provider has a different method of accomplishing this, but in general it should look similar to this sort of configuration;


I can't set up a 301 redirect / domain forwarding!

If you're unable to set this up for your site, please read this article for redirecting using an IP address.


You need to contact your domain host if...

  • You set up your CNAME record but it's still not propagating
  • You can't find these settings on your DNS's control panel
  • Your settings are not being applied

If any of those bullet points apply to you, please contact your domain registrar so they can help solve this issue for you. 

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