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The Duda eCommerce Store allows you to customize your SEO settings for your products, on a per product page basis. Please note: this feature is only available on the Standard Store and higher.


With the Duda Store SEO fields, you can create separate titles and descriptions for your products that will form the metadata that will be seen by search engines.

  1. Access the SEO fields for every product in your store control panel by going to Catalog -> Products -> Product edit page -> SEO tab:
  2. Fill in the Page Title and Meta Description for your product page. You will also be shown a preview of what your pages will look like in a search engine.


SEO Friendly Page URLs

We’ve changed the URLs of eCommerce products, categories and other store items so they are SEO friendly and can be better indexed by Google. These products and categories URLs are included in the sitemap.XML that is automatically generated for every Duda site upon publish/republish. The new URL format looks like this:

Note that the old URL format is still supported, so any old links continue to work without a problem. The old URL format looks like this:!/My-Product/p/123/category=0


Search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters, so it is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters.

You can see more suggestions for title and keywords here.


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