Common issues and how to fix them

This article refers to a previous version of the Duda Responsive Website Builder. Click here for help content on the current Duda editor.



Site is using too much resources

If you're seeing an issue where only one of your sites is taking too long to load in the editor, the reason for this is that there may be too much content on one page, which is causing a "slow-down" in rendering.

If you want to reduce slow-down when editing your pages, please consider;

  • Putting some of your existing content into their own pages (maybe sub pages)
  • Using less images
  • Using less widgets
  • Using less custom scripts / code

Seeing duplicate content on all my pages

This issue is usually because elements are being placed in the header OR the footer of the website. Elements in the header or the footer will show up on every page as intended.

To fix this issue, take your elements out of the header/footer and put them in the body instead. You can tell if you're dragging an element into the header/footer by looking for the orange divider. See the screenshot below for reference.

To fix this, you can either;

  • Copy the rows and paste them somewhere in the body
  • Re-order the rows in the inline editor.

My location isn't saving in DudaOne's map element

Our maps API pulls this data directly from Google's database. To troubleshoot this issue, please;

  • Try deleting the element and recreating it
  • Look up the location in Google maps, then copy the Google maps location into Duda
  • Get the exact location (longitude and lattitude) and plug that into Duda

If neither of those solves the issue, please submit a bug report.

I'm getting a message asking me to "please refresh"

This issue most commonly happens when;

  • There are more than 1 person editing the same site at the same time
  • You've been logged into the editor for too long
  • There were changes that were made, requiring you to log out and log back in

Besides this, it may also cause issues such as your changes not saving or other discrepancies.

To fix this issue, simply log out, clear your cache and log back in. It should fix this issue.

If that doesn't work, please consider using another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox).

How do I create an expanding 2nd level sub navigation menu?

If you're looking to create an expanding 2nd level sub navigation menu for your site in Duda, this is something that our platform doesn't currently support for DudaOne (we only support one expanding subnavigation menu).

Our developers are looking into solutions for this issue and will implement it as soon as we've found a solution.

Alternatively, if you are proficient with CSS and HTML, it should be possible to custom code a solution for your site. Always create a backup before attempting this.

My custom code isn't working

Custom code is great in many ways, but it also requires some expertise to have it working 100% properly. We don't have any way to guarantee that custom code will work on our site, but you can check out custom coding guidelines for how to get your code working correctly on the site.

Alternatively, to fix the issue with your 3rd party contact form, we recommend either;

  • Contacting the provider of your code to help get your code working
  • Test and manually look through the code (see our custom coding guidelines below)
  • Hiring a developer to fix this custom contact form for you. We have people you can contact on our hireapro page.
  • Try using a similar element offered by Duda instead


I can't delete a page

If you find a page you can't delete, simply hide the page by clicking the settings >>> hide page so that no one can access it.

Rename the page's URL, save and then try again.

"Page already exists" error

If you're trying to rename a page and you're getting an error such as "page already exists", that usually means there's some other page on your site using that URL.

If you're not able to find any pages using that URL, it's possible that our system may be confusing the URLs on your site.

To workaround this, add it as another name, slightly changing the spelling. You can also use the specific URL redirects feature to redirect users to the correct page on your site (after you've added it).

You can access the specifics URL redirect feature in Site settings >>> specific URL redirect >>> set up rules there.

How do I create a dead navigation link?

Unfortunately, our developers have not found a solution to creating a dead navigation link at this time.

We are currently looking into solutions and will update this page when we've found an answer.

In the meantime, you are free to try implementing one via customizing the CSS or experimenting with the HTML.

I'm unable to resize the logo (mobile)

Try going to the header section and switching on and off the settings. Make sure you're in the mobile version of the website.

Using click to call, find us, or email buttons are not doing anything

The reason you might see this issue is because when a user clicks on that specific button, it calls up a specific action on the device.

If a user's device (whether it is a computer, tablet, or mobile device) doesn't have any program assigned to that action, it will not do anything when clicked. Likewise, if they have a specific application set as a default for that action, it will always launch that application.

To fix this, the user must examine their device's configuration for opening certain apps and buttons on the internet.

My site looks tablet-ized when viewing it on a mobile device

If visiting your desktop site in a mobile device you see that it doesn't look mobilized (looks more "tablet-ized"), the reason this is happening is because your domain is displaying your Duda site in an iframe.

Normally this is because the domain is set to redirect to the Duda site with masking during the "going live" process. Please go back to your DNS settings and ensure that your site is set to be redirected without masking.

If you're unable to find this feature, ask your domain host to find the 301 redirect that's been set up so they can remove it.

Edits I make to one device is affecting other devices

Tablet and desktop both share most of the same style sheets and code, so editing on either of devices usually affects the other.

To edit a tablet/desktop view without affecting each other, please use our "hide on device" feature.

Parallax background isn't working on mobile / tablet

Parallax is still a very relatively new feature on the world wide web, in terms of implementation.

It's very tough at the moment to support parallax for mobile devices (consistently and smoothly), so once a better method for completely implementing parallax for handheld devices is developed, we'll add this to our platform.

I deleted my navigation menu! How do I get it back?

You can add your navigation back in by using the navigation element here.

I can't format my sub-navigation properly (mobile)

Our development team is currently working on solutions for improving mobile navigation. For now though, if you're experiencing issues such as;

  • Sub-navigation not expanding (mobile)
  • Sub-navigation not displaying properly (mobile)

Please experiment with the various navigation navigation layouts in design >>> navigation >>> customize.

You can also edit the sub-navigation settings by clicking the navigation menu >>> edit >>> edit sub-navigation design.

IOS devices are formatting links automatically

The reason this happens is because some devices or browsers have a special rule which automatically formats phone numbers to be more visible for the end user.

If you wish to override this, add this meta tag in your site settings >>> header HTML;

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

I can't add elements or delete things in the mobile header

If you're trying to add content to the mobile version of the header, unfortunately the mobile header has a fixed design, and isn't open to customization (outside of the settings that are already there).

You can change the content of your mobile header by clicking the content contained there and clicking edit.

You can also change the layout or edit other options by going to the design menu >>> navigation, then editing your options there.

Can't link to a page in my editor

If when adding a link you're seeing issues such as;

  • Being unable to select a page on your site to link to
  • Having a linked paged going to the wrong place
  • Link not saving

You can workaround that issue by simply adding the link as an external link instead.

Simply open up your live site, navigate to the page, get the page URL and copy it into your editor to link to that page directly.

My custom code isn't working

Our platform is very flexible in what it lets you add to your site. You can add any custom HTML, JavaScript or CSS using our various tools or by accessing developer mode.

Due to the unpredictable nature of custom code, if you're using something like that on your site this is something that cannot be troubleshot without professional help or knowledge.

We currently don't don't have any developers available to troubleshoot custom code, but we do have some guidelines for testing and adding custom code to your site, which you can see by clicking this link here.

Text encoding issues

There is an encoding issue with text sometimes that causes it to behave erratically in the editor. If you are seeing issues such as;

  • weird spacing in paragraphs
  • not being able to edit text per device
  • bullet points or strange symbols
  • not formatting correctly
  • not inline with global styles
  • not saving formatting


Method 1

You can fix this clicking the element >>> clear formatting.

Method 2

1). Click the text to edit
2). Copy the text into a **plain-text document** (no RTFs)
3). Copy the text from the plain-text document and replace the text in the editor.
4). Done!

Method 3

you can delete the element and recreate it manually (no copy pasting), which should fix this issue.

How do I change my logo on my mobile device

For some themes, it's necessary to switch editing modes to make certain edits on other devices. Simply switch editing modes, then access the options for the header or click the logo directly to change it.

My images are broken or not appearing

There can be a couple reasons for this. The first thing to check is to see if your elements are hidden on the page.

If they're not hidden,it's possible that the the images they were hosted on may have been taken down. Prior to April 2016, some sites did not have their images pulled and thus were not downloaded into the platform. Because of this, if the original site went down, those images also went down.

To fix this;

  1. Delete the image
  2. Add a new image
  3. Re-upload the image using a new file name
  4. Save

I added custom HTML to my page, how do I delete it?

Adding custom HTML to your page can extend the functionality of the platform, but it's also not something that our platform will allow you to edit at all times. If you added custom HTML to your site, simply find the HTML through developer mode.

I can't fix my page no matter what I do

If you're seeing a very complicated issue that doesn't seem easy to solve, sometimes it'e better to simply delete and recreate the page.

I can't fix this element no matter what I do

If nothing else works to fix an element, the best solution is to simply delete and recreate it.

You can also try creating a new page and adding in a new element there (not copy). If it works, then try to copy in the element into the page to see if it's an issue with your element OR if it's an issue with the page it's in.

I'm seeing a double scroll bar on my site

If you're seeing a double scrollbar on your site, it's most likely due to having set negative margins for rows or columns in your site.

While negative margins are good for creating certain layouts, there's definitely some issues that can occur as a result of misusing it.

Fixing this issue

If you are seeing either of these issues on your site, please check the rows and elements on your site, then clear any margin or padding.

As an alternative, you can also try restoring to a backup or recreating a new page, copying some of the elements over. That will also fix this issue.

If all else fails, see this section below.

Content is overlapping with each other and I can't fix it

This issue is normally caused by margin, padding or custom CSS. 

If you are seeing either of these issues on your site, please check the rows and elements on your site, then clear any margin or padding.

As an alternative, you can also try restoring to a backup or recreating a new page, copying some of the elements over. That will also fix this issue.

If all else fails, see this section below.

I can't seem to fix my issue, what else can I do?

If you're seeing an issue that couldn't be solved by using any kind of troubleshooting steps, it's possible that the issue is either with;

  • Coding on the site which is causing this issue
  • Some sort of setting on the site that's causing this issue
  • Some sort of bug that's causing this issue

Then you have two options. You can either;

Help! Custom coding broke my site

If custom code broke your site, there are several options available to you.

  • If you have a backup, restore to it from site settings >>> backup versions >>> restore to backup.

  • If that doesn't work, try logging into which is a more code friendly version of our platform.

  • If you're unable to access that in your editor, it's possible you have custom code in your homepage preventing you from loading the site.

    To fix this issue, try accessing your editor on a new page. You can do this by entering a different URL in your editor link. This is a link accessing the "about us" of a site, for example;

I'm seeing an issue only on my device

If you're seeing an issue only on one specific device, then the problem is most likely due to some sort of setting or program in your device that's causing this issue.

The only way to fix this is to either;



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