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1. Content not saving in the editor
2. Live site not looking like mobile site
3. Duplicate content on your site
4. Elements in our editor not working
5. Content in live site not showing in editor
6. Being unable to modify or delete content


To fix this issue, follow our syncing flow. This syncs the site manually so that it syncs with the live version of the site. It won't necessarily pull in new content or mess up the layout of the site, but it will make it so that what is showing in the editor is also showing in the live site.

Syncing flow

1. Navigate to the page where you need to sync
2. Click "SEO & Page Settings"
3. Click "Sync"
4. Click "Done"
5. Make your changes (such as removing content)
6. Sync one last time
7. Publish

Option #2 - Turn off auto sync

If even using the syncing flow did not fix this issue, try turning off auto sync and follow the syncing flow once again.

1. Navigate to the page where you need to turn off sync
2. Click "SEO & Page Settings"
3. Uncheck the box labelled "Always sync with desktop site"
4. Hit "Sync" one last time
5. Click "Done"
6. Publish your page to see the changes

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