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While transferring a site from one account to another is not built into the platform, the support team at Duda can transfer sites by special request. Before a site can be transferred there are several required steps. 


  • Unpublish the site. Here are directions for unpublishing a site in Duda and DudaMobile.
  • Cancel any subscriptions associated with the site. Here is an article discussing canceling subscriptions.
    • You will not be able to cancel a subscription to a Site-For-Life site, thus Site-For-Life sites cannot be transferred between accounts.
    • If you are on a Basic/Team/Agency plan, contact us at to cancel your subscription immediately.
  • Send an email to This email should be sent from the email address associated with your account, and needs to contain the following information:
    • Title the email "site transfer request"
    • The site you want to be transferred. The best way to identify the site is by going into the editor and copying the editor URL. Example:
    • The email address associated with the account you want the site transferred too. NOTE: You will need to make sure that this account is created before contacting us for a transfer. Duda will not create the account for you.

Important Notes

  1. Once a site has been moved to the new account, the site will need to be paid for and republished to take the site live again. Expect there to be some downtime while a site is being transferred.
  2. The process of moving a site from one account to another is not built into the Duda platform and is not guaranteed for any user. Requests for transfer will be denied if made in excess or if insufficient information is provided. 
  3. Security Issue: If we receive multiple requests to move a specific site from an email not associated with the account, we may flag the site as "non-transferable" for security reasons.
  4. Site-For-Life sites cannot be transferred.
  5. Once a site is moved to a new account, the site will not be moved back without permission from the new owner. Feel free to make a duplicate before moving the site.

Transferring site subscriptions

It is not currently possible to transfer site subscriptions.

If you are using a Duda responsive website and you want to transfer subscriptions between 2 Duda responsive websites, you can use this workaround to do this.

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