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Before You Begin

Please note that domains can now be purchased directly from Google Domains within the DudaOne responsive website editor.  Domains purchased from within the responsive builder will be automatically configured to work with your new DudaOne responsive website.  Click here for more information


There are two steps to connecting your DudaOne site with your domain on Google domains.  Setting up forwarding and creating a CNAME record.

Video Overview

Setup Forwarding

1.  Log into your Google Domains account and click on the My Domains section.

2.  Click the DNS icon.

3.  Scroll down and find the synthetic records section.

4.  Click on the dropdown and select subdomain forward.

5. Enter @ in the subdomain field.

6.  Enter your domain name with a "www." before it into destination URL field.  For example: "" then click add.

Please note that if these steps do not work, you can follow Google's instructions here to do the same thing.

Create CNAME Record

1.  Under Custom resource records select CNAME from the dropdown.

2.  In the field with the "@" symbol, enter "www" (make sure this matches the subdomain you used in the forwarding section)

3.  In the domain name, enter ""

4.  Click Add.

Please note, domain records may take up to 48 hours to fully propagate.


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