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There are several shipping options available for use with Duda eCommerce, one of which is Australia Post.

Setting Australia Post as your shipping provider for your site will allow you to automatically calculate the cost of shipping for products bought through your store.

NOTE: Setting Australia Post as your shipping provider does not automatically print labels or tracking numbers for you. It only lets you calculate the shipping cost if you are shipping from Australia.

How to set Australia Post as your shipping provider

1. Go to the shipping tab in the System Settings page.

2. Under Shipping Methods, click New Shipping method.


3. Select “Carrier-Calculated”, then click “Choose a carrier” to move to the next step.

4. Select “Australia Post”.

5. Edit your options. You can also change your shipping carrier here.

6. Click “Account Details” to move to the next step.

7. Add shipping markup. Shipping markup is a flat handling fee that you can set to be added to each shipping cost.

8. Click "Test method" to see if your shipping method works. If the test succeeds, click “Name shipping method” to move to the next step.

9. Name it, then click “Save & Finish”.

10. Done!

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