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Navigation is an important part of your website, and with DudaOne you can select and customize the navigation that will appear on each device (desktop, tablet, and mobile) individually.

Accessing Navigation

1. In the DudaOne editor Click Design then Navigation

2. Change your navigation's style! Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile all have different styles available and you can set these themes independently of each other. Find one you like!

3. Click Customize Navigation under the device of your choice.

Customize Navigation Design

1. In the design tab, you have the option to edit the background color or image, font style, size for your navigation items and edit the spacing between navigation buttons.  With this new Spacing feature, spacing can be used in order to reduce the default vertical spacing of the navigation and the horizontal spacing, which allows you to have more visible navigation items before the “More” option appears. 

The Edit Navigation Items Hover feature allows you to set up navigation items with color that highlights the navigation button that is hovered by your mouse pointer. With the Edit Selected Page Text Style feature, you can set the font style, size of the text, bold or underline the navigation item that has been selected. 

2.  In the Settings tab you can select the maximum number of menu items that will display on your site, and whether or not to use animated navigation.

3. Once you've got your navigation theme set up, and customized, you may want to manage which pages you'd like in your navigation.


Change the navigation's style with the following options, such as spacing, color and style.


Menu Items: Set your navigation's order or set sub-navigation

Color: Set the navigation's  background color or image and the selected item's style

Text Style: Set the navigation's text style

Settings Set your navigation's number of visible items, whether or not it animates when changing pages, whether titles or icons should display and whether the navigation's corners should be rounded. (Some of these options may not be available in some navigation schemes, as appropriate).
More Change your navigation's HTML (Be sure to read the DMLE documentation first!) You can also change your navigation's spacing options in this menu here.


In the navigation, there's also something called a "sub-navigation". A sub navigation is created when you create menu items under parent items.

You can style these options such as padding, margins or colors by clicking on the Subnavigation tab in the navigation menu.

Rearranging the navigation menu

The navigation menu's order and menu names are controlled by the pages. You can learn more about editing page options on this support article here.

Adding a navigation menu

If you've deleted your original navigation menu or you want to add another navigation menu somewhere else in your site, you can do this easily in the editor by going to the "Advanced" section in the "Add Element" menu.

Common issues

Can't hover over sub navigation menu (keeps disappearing)

If you're getting an issue where you or your users aren't able to hover over the sub-navigation menu because it keeps disappearing, it means there's a margin set in your navigation menu that's creating a "blank space", causing this issue.

To fix this, you can either;

  • Look through your navigation settings (click the navigation element >>> edit) to find the margin and remove it or
  • Delete the navigation menu and recreate it

My navigation is showing through my desktop site (mobile)

If you're seeing the issue of your navigation menu overlapping with content in your site, that means you need to set a background color for your site. Once you do this, your navigation will stop "bleeding" through your transparent site.

I can't seem to remove a border / style

If there's a style or border that you can't seem to remove from the navigation element, it's either because this is part of the template's style or because of an error.

To fix this, try deleting the navigation element and recreating it. You can also get into the navigation or subnavigation options to try to find the right setting to fix.


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