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The Static IP redirect is an alternative to using the 301 redirect as part of the responsive website domain setup.  If your domain registrar allows you to create CNAME records, but not 301 redirects - you can use the Static IP redirect to complete the domain setup process.

The CNAME record will create the "www" part of your domain, e.g. "".  The Static IP redirect will forward users who do not type in "www" before your domain, to the full domain.  For example, from "" to ""

Note: This is not a replacement or alternative for the mobile redirect.

Note: This process MAY not work for sites with SSL certificates enabled due to the way SSL is negotiated. If it doesn't work with an SSL enabled site, it's recommended to use a domain host which can create 301 redirects if you wish to use SSL for your site.


  1. Login to your domain host
  2. Find and edit the DNS settings/records for the domain you want to set up
  3. Create an A name record with the following settings:
    1. Name/Alias: @
    2. Target/Destination:
    3. TTL (optional): 14400
  4. Create a new CNAME record with the following settings:
    1. Name/Alias: www
    2. Destination/Target:
    3. TTL (optional): 14400
  5. Save and wait for propagation!

Specific Instructions for your Domain Host

Please remember that the general instructions above should apply to most domain hosts.  For detailed instructions on how to set up A or CNAME records, please contact your domain host directly.  Feel free to send them a link to this article.

For white label users

You can also use a different CNAME record which does not include the Duda name. There is no difference other than how it's spelled (they'll both work 100% the same).

To get this CNAME record, publish your site on your dashboard and get the CNAME record instructions.


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