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Why use Hover Connect?

Duda has worked with Hover to be a part of their connect ecosystem. This allows Hover & Duda users to configure their domain to point to their Duda site with a single click.

If you have not checked out Hover for domain management, they're a great simple solution for purchasing and managing domains. The article below covers how you can connect your domain directly to your Duda website.

If you're interested in purchasing a domain, click here to search and purchase domains through Hover.

**Please Note** - Hover is now available from within the DudaOne purchase flow.  When you purchase from the flow your Hover domain name is automatically configured to work with your DudaOne website.  Please see the Purchase a New Domain article for more information.


1.  You own a domain name registered with Hover.com

2.  You have added your domain in the Site URL settings of your Duda website.  If you haven't done this, go do it now before continuing.


1.  From inside your Hover account, click edit under the domain.

2.  Click the "Connect" tab.

3.  Find the Duda entry and click "Get Started"

4.  Confirm that you've met the pre-requisites, then click "Connect"

5.  That's it!  Hover will add the necessary DNS settings to your Hover account.  Please keep in mind it may take 24-48 hours for these settings to take effect.  We appreciate your patience.


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