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This article will teach you how to setup your custom domain records for 1and1 to attach them to your new responsive site. This will allow your visitors to go to yourwebsite.com or www.yourwebsite.com to access your website. You need to own your own domain from 1and1 to set this up.

Please note that creating a CNAME record in 1and1 disables any MX records in that domain, so if you use 1and1 for your mail servers, you will need to transfer your domain to a different domain host to use our responsive websites. See our list of compatible registrars here


1. Login to 1&1 here.

2. Click on the "domains" option in the left hand menu.

3. Click on '1&1 Domain Center' in the right hand menu.

4. Click 'Create Subdomain'.

5. Enter the subdomain you would like to use for your responsive website (e.g. "www" for www.yoursite.com). Then, click 'Create Subdomain'.

Note: If you get the error "This subdomain name is not available.", this could mean you have already created this subdomain. We recommend contacting 1&1 support if you have problems creating a subdomain. See screen shot below.

6. Once you have created the subdomain, you will need to set up your domain to point to your responsive site. To do this, click on 'Manage Subdomains'.

7. Find the subdomain you just created from the list and click on the expanding arrow to the far right of the subdomain.

8. Click 'Edit DNS Settings'.

9. Under the section labeled 'A/AAA and CNAME Records', select the radial button for CNAME and enter "s.dudaone.com" in the 'alias' field.  You will also need to check the box which reads "I am aware and accept that all current DNS settings, e-mail addresses and redirects will be disabled." Then, click 'Save'.

Note: 1&1 will remove existing records when you modify this option. While this is not standard, please be aware that this could effect other settings.

10. Once you have saved the above settings, your CNAME record is ready. Now, you will need to setup the forwarding for your domain.  To do this, return to the home page of the domain center using the drop down in the top bar of the 1&1 Domain Center page.

11. Click on 'Edit Destination'.

12. Under the 'destination' section, select the option to 'redirect' and under the 'redirect settings', enter the full URL of your domain, including the "www" subdomain (e.g. "www.mysite.com"). Make sure that HTTP redirect is selected. Then, click 'Save'.

13. Congratulations! You have completed the 1&1 domain setup. Creating CNAME records may take up to 24 hours to propagate. In our experience, 1&1 tends to take an hour or two before it propagates successfully, so have some patience while it fully sets up.


If your CNAME records do not propagate within 24 hours, there may be an issue. Contact 1&1 Support in order to solve this issue by visiting the 1&1 Help Center or using the 1&1 Contact Center.


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