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Set up your Duda site domain using a custom URL or Duda's default URL. This option will be found on your Dashboard within your DudaPro area.

Accessing Duda Site Domain for DudaPro

  1. Go to your dashboard at my.duda.co, you must be logged in.
  2. Hover your mouse over White Label, and then select Custom Domain.duda-site-domain1_en-us.png
  3. Click Site Domain


Default Domain

The default URL can be changed by changing your DNS records. The default domain will appear like this:

Custom Domain

The custom URL will allow you to create a mobile URL based on your domain

In order to set up the custom domain, you must go to the domain host and edit the DNS records. Different articles can be found in the Domain Setup section.


Default Domain Use Duda's white label mobile URL
Custom Domain Create a custom domain based on your own domain


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