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Office 365 sites can be redirected, but the method is a bit unconventional. 

Microsoft Office 365 shies away from allowing custom JavaScript in their sites which is why this method uses a bit of a workaround. In order to incorporate custom JavaScript into a 365 site you have to do it through the PayPal button widget.


Add a PayPal module to the Office 365 site and replace the code between the <form> tags with the redirect script that we provide in the editor under step 4. This should result in something that resembles this:

<form action=""><input type="image" style="display:none;" /> 
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 
<script type="text/javascript">DM_redirect("INSERT_MOBILE_URL_HERE");</script> 

Just replace INSERT_MOBILE_URL_HERE with your mobile url (keep the quotation marks). Once that's been placed in your site (ideally near the top of the page) your site should redirect properly.


Note: This redirect method will need to be used on all pages which you want to make mobile friendly.

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