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Duda has created a module that enables redirect for Google Sites. Make sure you have your Mobile URL ready (the one that shows your Duda Site). Follow these steps to install the redirect:


1. Make sure you have published your DudaMobile website.

2. Open your Google Sites website & make sure you are logged into your Google Account.

3. Click on the Pencil Icon that allows you to edit your website.

4. On the left, choose the Insert drop-down menu, then choose 'More gadgets...' from the bottom.

5. Select the Public Search Filter then search for "DudaMobile."

If the DudaMobile redirect does not appear, you can add the Gadget via the direct gadget URL. Click on the Add gadget by URL option and put the following in:

6. Here you will be given some options to set-up your mobile redirect. Place your Mobile URL in the box. 

7. Uncheck the two options that say 'Include a border around gadget' and 'display title on gadget'

8. Click OK then save the site.


That's all you need to do to add the mobile redirect to your Google Sites.  If you want to install the redirect on other pages, you can do that by following steps 3-8 on different pages of your website. We made that quite easy eh?!

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