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Why uninstall my mobile redirect?

The redirect code is used to automatically send mobile visitors to the mobile website. If you have recently deleted your mobile website, your site visitors may be getting redirected to a page that doesn't exist.  To fix this, uninstall the mobile redirect the same way it was originally installed.

Finding and removing the redirect

FTP or Direct File Access

If you have direct access to the files of your site, you will be editing these files directly to uninstall the mobile redirect.  While each hosting provider is different, the basic instructions are as follows:

  1. Login to your hosting provider or where you update your desktop website from.
  2. Find the file manager section.
  3. Find the public_html folder and then find the index.html file.
  4. Find the base file of your website. This is generally index.html, but can also be named default.asp or index.php as well.
  5. Open or Edit the base file of the site and find the <head> tag, this is generally a few lines down.
  6. Remove the redirect code (found from the Redirect step in Duda) from the <head> tag.
  7. Save the changes you just made.

CMS Platform

If you are using a CMS platform such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, here are general directions:

  1. Login to the Dashboard/Administrator section of the CMS.
  2. Find the templates section of the site.
  3. Edit the HTML of the main template file that you currently have applied to your site.
  4. Find the <head> tag in the template.
  5. Remove the redirect code from the <head> tag. 
  6. Save or update the changes you made to the template file. 

WordPress plugin

We have a plugin that WordPress sites sometimes use to redirect. If this is installed, you should see "DudaMobile" on your WordPress dashboard. To remove this plugin:

  1. Go to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Find the Mobile Website Builder for WordPress by DudaMobile plugin.
  3. Disable the plugin.
  4. Delete the plugin.

How do I identify my redirect?

The default mobile redirect looks like this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

If you find text that looks similar to this (the will be different), you know you've found the mobile redirect.

My site is still redirecting!

It's possible that you have multiple redirects in your site. Check for duplicates! It's also possible that your site is using some other method to redirect. We have a few listed in our alternate methods of redirecting post. If you see any of these in your site, take them out and it should no longer redirect!



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