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The Classic link in the footer of the mobile sites is a useful feature, which gives mobile users the option to view the original version of a page instead of the mobile version.

However, if a redirect is installed on your site, the next link a user clicks will take them back to the mobile site.  To disable this behavior, install the Cookie Redirect in place of the script given on the mobile editor. 



1. Login to your hosting provider and open the index file in the file manager. If your original site was built using a CMS, open the header box/HTML box where the script was pasted. See our article on installing the mobile redirect for more info.

2. If you have an existing Duda redirect installed, remove or delete it.

3. Paste the following script immediately after the <head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 
<script type="text/javascript">DM_redirect("");</script> 

4. Replace the red text in the script above with your mobile site's url. Make sure it include the http://.

5. Save your edits and publish if needed. The Classic link will now keep the site in desktop view when clicked on!

Note: You will need to setup this redirect on all pages which you want to make mobile friendly.


The Cookie redirect will not leave the site in desktop view indefinitely, it enables it for one hour on the device it is accessed from.

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