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All of the content your visitors read on your site is text, and it can be modified in a variety of ways.

Editing Text

The text editor gives the ability to change text in a variety of ways:

  • size - the font-size at which the text displays (usually 14-20 pixels)
  • font - the way in which the text is designed
  • link - what page (if any) the text links to
  • alignment  - what side of the page the text displays from
  • left
  • right
  • centered
  • justified - the text attempts to fill as much of every line as possible by adding spaces between words
  • weight
  • bold
  • italicized
  • underlined

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

Text encoding issues

There is an encoding issue with text sometimes that causes it to behave erratically in the editor. If you are seeing issues such as;

  • weird spacing in paragraphs
  • Not able to remove bullet points or strange symbols
  • not formatting correctly
  • not inline with global styles
  • not saving formatting
  • Not able to add links

 You can fix this by using 3 different methods

Method 1

You can fix this clicking the element >>> clear formatting.

Method 2

Copy the text into a plain text file and back. Here are the steps;

1). Click the text to edit
2). Copy the text into a **plain-text document** (no RTFs)
3). Copy the text from the plain-text document and replace the text in the editor.
4). Done!

Method 3

You can delete the element and recreate it manually. Just add in a new paragraph element, then copy the content back in.

I still can't fix this issue

If you're unable to edit the text still or are still seeing odd issues with getting your text to save, try to follow the syncing flow outlined here.


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