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Keep your mobile site fresh and up to date by automatically displaying blog posts or other content using an RSS feed.  Add the feed to your mobile site and a list of the most recent entries will be displayed.

Add RSS Feed

  1. From the pages section of the DudaMobile editor go to the Content section and select the social tab.
  2. Drag the RSS Feed into the editing frame.
  3. Once you've placed the feature, you'll need to enter your RSS feed URL.

Select RSS feed

You can enter the URL of the RSS feed you'd like to display in the General tab. From there, you can also change the number of visible items, whether or not the content (or just the title) of each post should be displayed, and whether and how the feed's title should be displayed.


Each RSS Feed element has the following display options:

General Change the feed URL, title text, color, and visibility, the number of visible items and toggle whether item content should display.

Colors: Change the element's background color or image, text color, and border.

Text Style: Change the feed's post text, post title, and post link text style.

Shape: Change the feed's shape and toggle whether it displays a shadow.


Spacing: Set the margin and padding of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS.

HTML: Change the element's HTML.


How do I style the RSS feed pages?

In DudaMobile, the RSS feed widget is meant to only show parts of the post. Once a user clicks on "read more", it'll bump the user to a mobilized version of the RSS feed on the mobile device.

If you wish to style this page, it may be worth looking into how to use page templates on your site.

I can't add my RSS feed

If you're unable to add in the RSS feed URL into your RSS plugin, it seems that, for whatever reason, our RSS widget is unable to grab the RSS feed from your site. Please ensure that;

  • There is content for the RSS feed widget to grab
  • Make sure you are using the correct RSS feed URL. To find your RSS feed URL, please contact your webmaster
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