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If you have a long page, it can be helpful for your visitors to have a link or button that automatically takes them to the top of the page. This is quite easy to do, all you need to do is add a button to the bottom of your page or footer that takes visitors to the top of the page. View our video, or step by step instructions below.


Step By Step:


1. Make sure you are in the pages section of the editor and have the page you want this button on selected. If you are adding it to the footer just make sure you're on any page in the pages section.


2. Select the Design tab and drag in the button widget where you would like it.



3. Add text on the button in the box at the top and in the URL 

field put '#dm'



4. In order for this to work you must also make sure you disable an option in the navigation, first go to the home page, click on the navigation menu, and choose edit.



5. Select the 'More' option with the gears near it and in the resulting page toggle off the 'Use Animated Navigation' option


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