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Make the sub-navigation in matrix, list, and expandable navigation styles to work using JavaScript, allowing visitors to click a navigation item to immediately open its sub-navigation on the same page.

Using the dm hashed attribute

The dm hashed attribute, when added to an anchor tag in the navigation, makes that navigation element open its sub-navigation immediately on the same page when pressed. To activate this feature:


1. Click Layout under the Design section of the DudaMobile editor.

2. Click Customize

3. Click More

4. Click HTML

5. Find the anchor tag for the navigation element you'd like to modify. The easiest way to find this is to press ctrl/cmnd+F to search the HTML for the URL of the page. For example,  press ctrl/cmnd+F then enter ""

6. Add the  dm hashed="true" attribute after the href="" attribute in the anchor tag.

7. Press Update, then press Done.


Note that because of the way this feature works, you will no longer be able to get to the page pointed to by this link from the mobile site on your phone; clicking on the link in the navigation will open the sub-navigation instead of going to that link.



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