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The Business Hours feature allows you to easily display and configure your business's hours of operation.


Adding the Business Hours feature

  1. From the pages section of the DudaMobile editor, first choose the page you'd like your hours to display on.
  2. Go to the Content section and select the business tab.
  3. Drag the business hours feature into the editing frame.
  4. Once you've placed the element, you'll need to set your business hours.

Setting up your Business Hours

If your business hours are listed on SinglePlatform or Locu, you can import them using the Find your Business Hours online option. Just enter your business name or phone number, press search, and select the appropriate business and address.


If your business hours are not available online, or you'd like more control over your business hours, you can enter them manually by pressing Build your own Business Hours. This will bring you to our configuration menu, where you can set the hours for each day, your time zone, and the day on which the week starts.

  • You can also use the arrows to the left and right of each day's hours to swap between different hours, from standard opening/closing hours to special hours for lunch to a notification that you'll be closed on that day.
  • You can toggle whether days with similar opening hours should be combined and create special hours for specific days by scrolling down to the Combine Days and Special Days and Holidays options.

Changing the Business Hours feature's look

Each Business Hours element has the following display options:

General Set up your business hours and special hours

Colors: Change the background color or image, text color, and border of your Business Hours.

Effects: Toggle shadow and rounded corners for your Business Hours

Text Style: Change the text style of your Business Hours.

Spacing: Set the padding and margin of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS.

HTML: Change the element's HTML.


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