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If you'd like to link to your entire YouTube channel instead of just a single YouTube video you'll want to use our channel widget. To learn how to place a single YouTube video into your site click here.


1. Start in the Pages section of the Editor.
2. Drag and drop the YouTube Channel feature where you'd like the channel feed to appear on your site. 
3.After the feature has been placed a panel will open that will allow you to customize the feed. 

  1. Feed type allows you to select the type of feed you'd like to display. The default is your channel. However it can also be set to display favorites, a search for a certain term, or a playlist.
  2. Channel name allows you to set the channel name (or search term or playlist name depending on the option selected above). To find your channel name simply visit your YouTube channel
  3. Number of visible items allows you to set the number of videos displayed in the widget. 
  4. Order by allows you to adjust the order of the videos (most effectively when used with the search option)
  5. The eye allows you to turn the widget header on and off. 
4. You can change the styling of the widget in the Design tab
5. You can adjust the padding, margins and directly edit the CSS and HTML in the More tab.
6. Make sure to click "Done" when you're finished! 
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