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Our new list feature gives you an easy way to make great looking lists on your mobile site. The list feature is great for businesses who need to list or link to services and service pages, or post any sort of listings.



1. Start in the pages section of the DudaMobile editor. Select the page you'd like the list to appear on. 
2. Find the list feature in the content area near the bottom of the page and drag it directly into your site. 
3. When you've found the area where you'd like the list to appear let go of the feature and it will snap into place.
4. From the panel that opens you'll be able to customize the list. You can change or hide the list title, edit list items, delete list items, and add additional list items.
5. After clicking on the pencil icon you'll be able to edit each list item individually. You can change the name of the listing, add a description, add a link, add an image. When you're done making your changes just save the listing.
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