Can inSites affect my landing page SEO?

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In short, inSite will have little impact on site SEO, because they will rarely trigger for the Google bot/crawler. 

To affect SEO, the inSite would need to trigger for the conditions of the bot/crawler visiting the site and add some content that is indexable. The only action that will affect SEO is the addition of a new row. The other actions (special effects, change background, JavaScript) will have no impact on SEO.


Here's a rundown of Duda's available triggers and how they relate to SEO/indexing. Keep in mind that triggers can be mixed together, so all conditions need to be met to display new content.


Google has two User Agents that they use for mobile and desktop crawling. If you have a device based trigger, then Duda will display content to the Google bot related to what type of device Google finds. If you're using this trigger only, content will very likely be indexed by Google bots in some form.


Google bots will almost never see a location based inSite, as there are many IP addresses that Google uses for its crawlers that will report from all over the globe. It is unlikely that your location based inSite will be triggered by the Google bot's current IP address.


Google bots crawl websites once every few days (between 1 and 4 days), so the time trigger would need to be set for the specific time that the bot comes to the site. If you have a trigger that only displays content from 8pm to 11pm, its very unlikely a Google bot would come and crawl the site at that time. While it's possible that this could affect SEO eventually, most limited-time campaigns will have no impact.

Visit Count

If you are using a first-time visitor trigger, it will display to Google bots. Anything more than the first visit will never show to a Google bot because they do not store cookies and thus are not tracked as a returning visitor.

Campaign URL

This is very unlikely to display content to Google, as Google would need to know about the exact link you are generating. For Google to obtain this link, it would need to be: (a) Submitted to Google (b) Included in a Sitemap, or (c) Linked to directly from another website.


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