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Choose how long your mobile website will be cached, which Google Analytics account number is assigned to the site, whether the site should sync, what the site's home icon is, and  the language for the site's footer.

Getting to the General tab

  1. In the DudaMobile site editor, Click Settings (The gear icon in the upper left)
  2. Click Site Settings
  3. Click General


How long your site will be cached Choose how long your site will be stored on mobile devices before its content must be reloaded. (2 minutes, 2 hours, 12 hours, or 30 days).
Google analytics account Change the Google Analytics ID assigned to your site.
Always sync site with original website Toggle whether your site synchronizes with the desktop website. Turning this setting off overrides individual page synchronization settings.
Favorites icon for the home screen Change the favicon (Bookmark / home screen icon) for your site in Android or iOS, and set up your site's splash screen on iPhones.
Site Footer Choose which language the site's footer is displayed in (English or Japanese)


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