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The header is the area at the very top of your mobile website, above the main body content.  The header can have text or images and is the same on every page of your mobile site.

Header Type

Choose between an image header or a text header.  DudaMobile will select a header type automatically, but you can change this with the dropdown menu.

Image Options

Change header image

You can select a different image by clicking the change button.

Crop an image

Click the Crop button to open up the pop-up editor.

Select the area to keep, then click crop.


Resize the image by dragging the slider until the image reaches the desired size.  You can also enter a pixel or percentage value.


Change whether the image is left, right, or center aligned.

Text Options

Enter the desired header text, then customize with the formatting buttons.


Choose a custom background for the header.  Select a solid color fill or an image.  Click here for more information on using a background image.

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