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1. Design Tab

Use the design tab to set the design of your site. It includes the Layout tab, which sets your navigation button style, the Style tab, which sets your site's colors, background image, and text style, and the Header tab, which allows you to modify your header's look and colors.


2. Pages Tab

Use the Pages tab to quickly access and modify each page of your site or create new pages.


3. Go Live Tab

Use the Go Live tab to publish, republish, unpublish, redirect, or rollback your site.


4. Chat Tab

Use the Chat tab to get chat support for brief questions about the editor.


5. Undo/Redo Buttons

Use the Undo/Redo buttons to undo or redo recent small changes.


6. Preview Button

Use the preview button to see a preview of how your site will display on a phone.


7. Publish Button

Publish your site to make your changes live so that visitors to your site can see them.


8. Page Info Section

Set each page's icon, the link it goes to, its name, or its settings.


9. Dashboard Link

Go to your DudaMobile Dashboard, where you can find or create other sites in your account.


10. Tools & Settings Button

Change your site's general settings (like cache time or home screen icons),advanced settings (like scripts or iframes), make backups, or modify your site's CSS & HTML


11. Support Portal Link

Links to our support portal's home page.


12. Content Section

Choose and add new elements to your site by dragging them into the editing preview section. You can find a list of all of the options in this section under the Business Features tab in the How-To section.


13. Editing Preview Section

View your mobile site and edit it from this section by clicking elements to edit,move, or delete them. 

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