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Use the navigation editor to change the order of pages in the navigation menu, create sub-navigation, or change the icon and design of the navigation buttons, 

Organize Menu Items

Click the dots on the left of a menu item then drag and drop the item to your desired location.

Create Sub-navigation

Drag a menu item to the right to make the item a child-page to the item above it.  Click the arrow on the left of an item to display all of its child-pages.

Change Icons

Click the star icon on the right of a menu item to open the icon editor.

Click on the desired icon for the menu item.  Use the dropdown to filter icons by category, or use the search bar to look for a specific icon.  To upload or link to a custom icon, select the Uploaded or By URL tab.

Change the icon color by clicking the color square to the right of the search bar.  The color picker will open, choose from detected site colors or click More Colors to enter a specific color code.


Change the number of menu items displayed, turn on/off animated or expandable navigation, Auto-sync, or select a different navigation from the original website.

Advanced Navigation Topics

Please see our additional guides on using the navigation menu, listed below:

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

I'm seeing duplicate pages in my navigation that I can't remove

Normally this happens when navigating clicking links on your editor >>> "go to link". If you see this issue occur, simply hide one of the duplicate navigation pages so that your navigation is hidden.

You can also delete your navigation and re-add it to your site to fix this issue.

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