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Accessing the Internet using a mobile device is becoming more and more popular. Experts say that by 2014, mobile devices will be the most commonly used way to access the Internet – more common than using a browser on a desktop or laptop computer.

Do I?

The short answer is yes, in today's world a website that does not have a mobile friendly experience is only losing themselves visitors. There are many reasons why a standard desktop website just doesn't cut it when it comes to mobile web browsing. Desktop sites that aren't optimized for mobile can affect your rankings on search engines like Google. They also require pinching and zooming which is annoying on a small screen. Visitors that have a poor experience on mobile more likely to abandon your site and repeat their search, possibly going to a competitor.

DudaMobile offers an easy and inexpensive way to create a great looking mobile site. You don't need to hire a designer, our DIY mobile site builder creates professional-looking mobile sites in just minutes.


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