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DudaMobile is designed with small business websites in mind.  Our mobile websites do a great job at displaying hours, locations, menus, contact info, etc.  While we'd love to work with every site, unfortunately there are a few things we aren't able to support on our platform at the moment. Those are listed below.

Sites that can't be converted

  • eCommerce shopping carts (although if you only have a few items you might want to try our PayPal feature)
  • Logins, members areas, or any part of a website that is password protected
  • Sites that use frames 
  • Flash sites (flash is no longer supported by Apple or Android smartphones and does not function in our editor, but you can convert your site and add content via our features)
  • Complex database searches
  • JavaScript sites, or complex javascript in sites
  • Particularly complicated or long forms and captchas

Other considerations

While the purpose of the platform is to automate the website building process by taking existing content and creating a mobile version of it through our software, it's important to remember that it's still an automatic process. It might require some manual touch-ups to get your site looking the way you want it to.

If you're finding that the converted version of your desktop site doesn't look the way you like, check out the various tools we have to help you edit your site to your liking. You can also check our pro's page to hire someone to build your site for you.

My site is not being converted at all (error)

Besides our bot not being able to crawl sites due to the content in the site, there are also times when our bot can't crawl the site at all. This is usually due to some sort of security measure on the hosting's side to prevent automated bots from crawling the site.

In this case, you can try giving our user agent to be white-listed, though it would be easier to either;

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