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Switch your site subscription from a month-to-month billing cycle to an annual billing cycle. It's easier and you'll save some money too!


1.  On the dashboard, hover over the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) and choose Payment Info from the drop-down.


2.  From the drop-down, choose which plan you'd like to upgrade to and click the orange Switch button.

monthlytoannual2_en-US.png3.  Double check the drop down to ensure the item you want is selected, and enter a coupon code if you have one.



4.  You will see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirming your change.

Notes and considerations

Note for PayPal users

PayPal does not currently offer a way to change a subscription's billing cycle.  If you use PayPal for your monthly subscription, and you would like to move to an annual subscription, you will need to temporarily unpublish your sites, cancel your subscription, then re-upgrade your site with an annual subscription.

The process is identical to the one described in this article.

Switching from an Annual plan to a monthly or canceling eCommerce

We don't have a way to downgrade a subscription in billing platform, unfortunately. Instead, simply cancel your subscription and reupgrade in order to make this sort of change.

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