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Keyboard Shortcuts are combinations of keys that perform certain tasks when pressed simultaneously. Usually, these tasks require the use of a mouse, such as right-clicking to copy a widget. Learning to use the Editor's built in keyboard shortcuts can save you time, and make the process of editing your Site much quicker.

In Editor Shortcuts

Preview: Ctrl+Alt+P

Open Dev Mode: Ctrl+Alt+C

Open Original Site (if site is imported): Ctrl+O

Copy Element: Ctrl+C (while hovering over element)

Paste Element: Ctrl+V (Paste copied element above currently hovered/selected element)

Undo: Ctrl+Z

Redo: Ctrl+Y

Text Editor Shortcuts

Bold: Ctrl+B

Italicize: Ctrl+I

Underline: Ctrl+U

Align Text: Ctrl+R, E, L

Remove Text Formatting: Ctrl+0

Dev Mode Shortcuts

Find: Ctrl+F

Find and replace: Ctrl+F + Ctrl+F

Alt+Space: Enable Suggestions while typing

Save: Ctrl+S

Duplicate selected line: Ctrl+Alt+UP

Move Line Up: Alt+Up

Go to line #: Ctrl+L

Toggle comment: Ctrl+/


When using a Mac, substitute the Ctrl with the Command button.  For example, Preview mode on a PC is Ctrl+Alt+P, while Preview mode on a Mac is Command+Alt+P.
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