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If your credit card has expired or there are insufficient funds in the account that's being debited, you will see an error message in your dashboard letting you know that the billing for that premium site has failed. While we attempt to charge for the payment, your site remains active. However, if the payment information is not updated before the exact date listed in the failed billing email, the site will be unpublished. Here's what to do to update your payment information:

Steps to Update Payment Information

  1. From your Duda dashboard, click on the red "Update" button in the Subscription Type column of your site. 


  1. The next screen shows your current payment method. Click on the "Update Billing Info" button to update or change the payment information.


  1. Update or change your payment information and click "Update Payment Info". The information will be updated immediately and your payment will be processed in the next 24 hours. 


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