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Our eCommerce store is available in three different plans, the 10 product store, 100 product store, and 2500 product store.  Higher tier plans include additional features, see the table below for a complete list.

Feature List

Feature Name 10 Product Store 100 Product Store 2500 Product Store
Categories 2 Max Unlimited  Unlimited
Inventory Tracking (with email notifications of low inventory) No Yes Yes
Social Tools (Facebook comments, Social Sharing, Facebook like) No Yes


Product Options All All All
Stock Control for Options & Product Combinations No No Yes
E-Goods (Digital Downloads) No Yes
Up to 100mb
Up to 1GB
Coupons No Yes Yes
Payment Options Limited All All
Export Customers to CSV No Yes Yes
Export Products to CSV No No Yes
Import Products from CSV Yes Yes Yes
View unfinished orders No No Yes
Set max/min order amount No No Yes
Tracking code on thank you page No Yes Yes
Set next order number No No Yes
Add other marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc) No No Yes
Add a Facebook store No Yes


Per product page SEO No Yes


Automatic tax calculation No Yes


Mobile app store management No Yes


Customer Order Editor No No


Add FB pixels and GA remarketing No  No Yes
App Store All All All
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